Last week marks the end of our first month here in Seattle. After a month's exploration, I feel I am becoming an integral part of the city!

My work at Washington Environmental Council (WEC) has been going quite well. The trainings that we are developing for the aquatic reserves are taking good shape. I have moved from collating potential partners' list to actually connecting with them. I also drafted a post-training survey for evaluating the effective of the trainings and presented it to my colleagues during the planning meeting. 

More excitingly, I started two new projects. The first one is a contact contest within the organization that aims to motivate all of our staff to gather more new/updated contact information to enrich our Salesforce database. This is a brilliant idea brought up two years ago that effectively maximizes everybody's contribution to the database and I am very proud to be the main organizer of this contest this year. The second one is a data analysis project within the Voters Education Program (VEP). This is a great opportunity to utilize my analytical skills to improve the efficiency of WEC's outreach processes. I have just started to familiarize myself with another database system: the Voter's File and I already felt super excited about the upcoming analysis task. 

For non-work stuff, I LOVE the two group events we had this week!!!!
Candidate Survivor: it was very interesting to meet the candidates for Seattle Mayer and watch them being questioned by younger voters in both serious and quirky way. And I loved the talent show a lot! 
Sounders' Game: my FIRST Soccer game watched in a stadium. The crowd was amazing and the marching band was incredible!!! Though it was a tie in the end, I had a great time cheering and jumping around!

I can not believe there is only less than a month before we have to leave! T.T Emotional.....

Qi Dong (Tracy) 
Duke Student '15

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