As part of our orientation to Seattle, the DukeEngage Seattle group participated in a walking tour of the International District. As a reflection upon the day, the students' each wrote a ten word story: 

Life is one continuous meal with many long breaks. 

Fortune Cookies, Japanese or Chinese? Who knows. 

Looking for clues on unremarkable buildings. A community's history revealed. 

They come to America, and now I'm here. 

"Good night Grandma! See you tomorrow at Dimsum!" "Wan An!" 

Dim Sum is good. Many courses. Not enough vegetables. 

"Please let this dream come true." - Let me help the world. 

"What are you?"  "I am human."

Americans eat Dim Sum. Tried chicken feet. Yum?

World War II. Japanese man returns from work. Kids missing. 

Wing Luke. Local politician. Plane crash. Forever remembered. 

Melting pot of international cultures. Had a taste of Chinese. 

Alleyway adventures, cramped kitchens, ducks in windows, never-ending mahjong. Childhood. 

Do not dare call me a "sexually pliant Asian woman." 

I learned a lot and ate a chicken foot. 

Terminus junction. Faded glory. Remnants of displaced lives. Unlikely romance. 


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