This week was filled to the max. 6:30 AM alarms, meeting tons of Northwest Harvest staff and Dukies, rain, handing out lunches, a frost nip scare after packaging frozen peas for 2.5 hours, rain, naked bikers, rain, and trekking up hills don’t even begin to describe how much I’ve experienced already. Despite being busy each day and dealing with crazy weather, I couldn’t be happier in Seattle!

I’ve decided that Seattle is a city for people people (as in, plural of “people person”). Every time you walk down the street, there’s always someone willing to give you a nod or a quick hello. I’m definitely not in New York anymore.

The Northwest Harvest staff is no exception. They have been nothing but warm and welcoming since our arrival on Monday. Kevin and I were given complete, detailed tours of the Cherry Street campus and the Kent warehouse, in addition to great meals with some staff members the first few days. It’s great to see that everyone has fun together while on the job, yet they still get their work done. This balance was especially prevalent as the fiscal year came to a close. People were rushing around to get documents and numbers in before deadlines, but a few still came into my office when they had some time to spare to introduce themselves once more and to talk about Duke or cool things to do in Seattle. Whenever I have a free minute, I’m always able to help out in the food bank, too. The work there is so meaningful; we’re able to feed a family of three for just 67 cents! And with 1 in 6 people in Washington suffering from hunger, there’s always more work to do. I have already gained such a greater perspective on hunger in the US that I hope to add onto and bring back with me. Thank you, NWH, for teaching me so much already!

Dani Leftland
Duke Student '16

07/05/2013 10:58pm

Dani, I'm glad to hear your office is a good mixture of professional and fun! I get the same feeling at my office and it has made my experience thus far particularly rewarding because I feel like I can connect with people that do work that I am interested in.

07/06/2013 12:20am

Thanks for sharing your experience Dani! I was surprised to learn that a mere 67 cents can feed a family of three! This just goes to show that what may seem like a small gesture on our part could translate into a lasting outcome, and reaffirms why we are here in the first place.


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