I have no idea how we are already living the final week and a half of our DukeEngage experience. It seems like just yesterday I was opening the acceptance letter and eagerly awaiting the summer ahead in Seattle. Since we have an upcoming transition back to “normal” life (that is, if you consider being a student normal), I have compiled a short list of differences between Seattle and Durham.

1. The bus system is more user-friendly and timely in Durham, and we only have to keep track of the C-1 ,C-2, and C-3 buses, versus the million in Seattle.

2.  Coffee at Duke is not coffee, sorry ABP.

3. Weather in Seattle is magical. I can run in the morning and it’s still about 60 degrees outside. Running in 90 degree humidity in Durham will be a serious wake-up call.

4. Only sushi in Seattle tastes like it comes straight from the ocean.

5. Plastic bags exist in Durham—and we no longer will have to pay 5 cents for a paper bag.

Though this is minimal and refers only to lifestyle changes, I am for sure going to miss working with Seattle Works. The staff clicks professionally and on a friendly basis, which is important for growth-especially within the nonprofit sector. Bevin, Tara, Andy, Katie, Ben, Irina, and Tomilyn have helped me gain valuable experience in teamwork and communication and I can’t thank them enough (I ask endless questions). Transitioning back into student life is imminent, but this DukeEngage experience in Seattle will stick with me for a VERY long time.

Coralie Watts
Duke Student '16

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